Friday, September 19, 2014

Hey, I hope that everyone enjoyed the Universe Bowl this year. I know it took a while for everything to get posted but I really wanted the story to be as good as it could possibly be. Congrats again to both Layanderlet's Super Orange Kitties and Cats Living Together to Make a New Family and the Sisterhood of Traveling Midget's. Both of you put up great squads this year that played perfectly into my goofy story that I had been planning since late April. 

I first and foremost would like to thank every single person who helped me write this year's Universe Bowl. Every time I felt like the story just wasn't adding up, all I had to do was read one of your post's and it completely energized me into writing more. I really appreciate the fact that we were all able to write out of our comfort zones and come up with something that was much different then anything we have done in the past.

On a more selfish note, I would like to thank the Commish for starting Zufa Cenva. I still wasn't quite sure how I was going to end this thing but as soon as I received both team's rosters and saw her name,  I knew who my workhorse was going to be in this match.

I do hope everybody enjoyed it and my hope for whoever writes next years Universe Bowl is that they have as much fun as I ultimately ending up having with it this summer.

I will see everybody this Sunday at the Commish's house and for now, this is it!

See everybody on the site in 2015.



Sunday, September 14, 2014

Universe Bowl VII: Epilogue


The once fiery planet had since calmed to silence. The Chaos and Mayhem that used to occupy this space was now filled with dormant tranquility. As Mr. Mxyzptlk stared down at the now peaceful planet he wondered how Zufa and Yoda had done it. Wondered is a strong statement to credit the Imp with, more of an amused complacency that came over him as he looked down at his ring. “A fun little guy indeed. Okay then, nothing more to see here.”

He spent one more moment looking down at the planet before saying, “Kltpzyxm”, thus disappearing for good.

Universe Bowl VII: The Principium...

Scorched earth…that would be an understatement to say the least.

Despite the warnings I have read about the state of this place, nothing could have prepared me for what I have seen with my very own eyes. Destruction beyond anything I have ever imagined, a true to life Apocalypse unfolding right before me.

What I first took as unseen attacks turned out to be nothing more then the planet coming apart. How it has lasted this long I do not know.

The first combatant I see is the Beast itself; a Dark Cloud emitting all colors of the spectrum in every direction imaginable. It knows this battle is almost over and yet; it shows no signs of slowing down. The Eradicator flies above, firing down energy blasts at a consistent rate. The Beast fires back with blasts of Red and Yellow energy at times, though it does not seem to be taking the attacks very seriously.

This scene goes on for a while until a tiny spec of white light appears right next to the Artifact of Krypton. The spec spends a good minute keeping up with the Midget but after a while, the spec continues its climb until it is well out of the planets quickly deteriorating atmosphere. The Eradicator continues it attacks on the Beast, yet still stays high in the sky.

This constant and almost muted fight continues between the flying Midget fighter and the Beast, but all at once, this calm comes to an end. A bright White Light appears from what is left of the ground below, a light so bright that it is impossible to see what is going on. The Beast makes no sudden movements but is plenty aware of the incoming force.

The light wanes slightly but is still clearly holding the Beast at bay for the moment. It is obvious that the Eradicator has been joined by someone else high in the sky, someone that I have to assume can be no one other then Supergirl. The Artifact does not seem pleased with the company though as he instantly changes his attack trajectory from the Beast below to his fellow Kryptonian. Supergirl whose experience in this match has been non-existent up until this point is having little difficulty fending him off.

She continues her flight around her opponent, clearly trying to avoid him, though I am not quite sure how long she will keep this up.

On the ground the light stays bright, though with the Beast not far off, I have to wonder who is going to go on the offensive first. Suddenly the ground shakes and an eruption of lava shoots straight into the sky, covering everything within what has to be a fifty-mile radius. This temporarily blinds my visibility, turning this place into nothing more then a living hell.

After several minutes the planet calms down a bit only to see the Beast making its first move towards the Light. Red, Yellow, and Green you name it; they are all firing at the Light with everything they have. The Beast is not holding back as it sends everything in its power at the Light. Yet despite the intensity of the attacks, the light does not seem to be wavering.

Up above, Supergirl and the Eradicator continue their stale mate, as the Midget does not seem to be cooperating with whatever Kara Zor-El is trying to accomplish. One has to wonder how long she will attempt this strategy before a counter-attack is made on her behalf.

The Beast’s blasts toward the Light are not subsiding in the least despite the strong hold that it is keeping. This all changes in an instant though as it seems Kara’s patience has run out as she finally makes contact with the Kryptonian Artifact, sending him into a free-fall towards the ground. Supergirl is no longer holding back as she sends blast after blast into the Midget as he careens directly into the belly of the Beast.

It is unclear whether or not this was her plan the whole time, as the Eradicator continues his decent until he is completely engulfed in the black cloud below. Supergirl slows her flight but does not waver her attacks, which are now pointed only at the center of the Cloud. Though the Beast continues blasting the White Light, it is obvious that the Kryptonian has diverted at least a small amount of attention.

The blasts originally concentrated solely on the White Light now begin to erupt towards Kara Zor-El, putting her on the defensive despite her continued attacks on the Beast. She flies higher up into the sky, attempting to keep as much distance between herself and the obvious enemy of this battle.

What happened next is still unclear, though the outcome became immediately apparent.

Out of nowhere, the White Light disappeared. This sent all of the Beast’s multi-colored projections deep into the planet’s core, creating a chain reaction that caused a planet-wide earthquake to begin. Volcanic eruptions are the consequence of this action, which now cover nearly everything in sight. This is the first time the Beast has shown any sign of faltering, despite its onslaught on the Kryptonian high up into the sky. Regardless of this action’s planned design, the blasts fired upon Supergirl were just too much for her to take as her defenses were not strong enough to handle them, killing her in the process.

The White Light appears once more, though this time it is much smaller in appearance. It is now obvious that it is Yoda harnessing this light, with Zufa Cenva right next to him. The Beast was still on the attack at this point; yet regardless of its incredible size, it is clear that the remaining combatants in the fight know its vulnerability.

Which is where the Beast’s ultimate flaw came into play. Despite its incredible ascent to power over the last couple of months, the Beast like so many Omnipotent beings before it, failed to realize its faults. Sure the Beast or “Thing” commanded the full color spectrum, it had harnessed the residual power of the Chaos King and up until this point, no creature in this fight had made a dent in its armor. All of these things lead it to believe that it was invulnerable to attack, which is exactly where its weakness lied.

The Demigod that Bill Duer had become could never understand the power behind the White power ring. Instead of wondering why it could not harness its power, it just left it alone. Assuming that if it could not take control of it, it was not worth having. A flaw, as simple as it may be, is the reason behind its failure.

The Beast continued making its violent attacks in every direction, bringing the planet’s destruction closer to its finality. Though the attacks were relentless, it never saw what Zufa had in store for him all along. Through her immense Physic abilities and Yoda’s understanding of the White power ring, they discovered something that Bill Duer never saw coming.

With the full use of Zufa’s Physic Attack, she pulsed every ounce of it towards the White Ring in which Yoda had been living through since his spirit had been reanimated. Through multiple trial and error tests of this power, Yoda was able to extend her attack via the rings power. Once this compounded action took place on a full-scale attack, the Beast was left defenseless despite its great power. The explosion from this was so great that the white light extended outside of the planet’s atmosphere, being contained only by the White Power ring being wielded by the fifth dimensional Imp.

Once everything subsided and the event had finished, a calm came over the planet. The eruptions that once consumed the entire planet had stopped. The body of the Supreme Sorceress of Rossak lied dead next to the now dormant White Ring that once kept Yoda alive.

For the first time in ages, this planet knew peace. The calming silence filled the air with the possibility of a future, a future that only moment’s prior did not exist. The silence seemed to breathe new life into the world, a world that become alive once more with the footsteps of a man whose perseverance had not only given this place a future, but the chance at a new beginning.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Universe Bowl VII: Post 14

I suppose this proves there is always two sides to every story. Something we found in the archives.

                Zanthos Zipper
                   Your source for all news in and around the University of Zanthos

July 7th, 2014

Playoff Fever!

A nother year is coming to an end for what the outsiders call “The Fantasy Fantasy League”.
With two rounds of playoff matchups in the books, The Universe Bowl is once again upon us and
as luck would have it, our wonderful home will play host for the seventh year in a row!! Crews
are already working around the clock to clean up the mess from a couple of thrilling conference
finals matches. While some critics might argue that these constant battles are pointless, I like to
see all the positive things that these matches bring to our planet. Increases in jobs and tourism do
nothing but stimulate our economy and reinforce our position as the premier fictional fighting
destination in the galaxy.

Over the next few weeks, our planet will accept the incoming waves of combatants and watchers
for this year’s Universe bowl. Governor Morris has approved over 10,000 jobs to unemployed
citizens to rebuild the infrastructure of our city regions. Botanists are being flown in to repair the
damage done to the natural habitat. The amount of bars and restaurants has been doubled in the
downtown district from years past to accommodate this year’s list of watchers for the event. You
thought the teams were the worst thing to hit this place, just wait until Greeny and Seeney are
full of bourbon and freestyle rapping. Hide yo’ kids, Hide yo’ wives.

This event brings more than just teams and watchers to the planet to spend their hard earned
credits. Fans from all over have come to watch the carnage. Just listen to the positive vibes I got
from talking to some of the people on the street!

            “The Universe Bowl is superfragilisticexpialidocious! That’s what my nanny Mary
             always told me! Excuse me, I have to get back to playing soccer and drinking tea.” -
             RobC, London.

            “Godzilla stepped on my house last year and I got a brand new one for free!” -local

            “Huhhuhuhuh. Like, I love bowls man!” -Shaggy

            “ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!” -Chewbacca

While talking to people on the street, I also got word of an underground movement that is trying
to disrupt the Universe Bowl this year. I brought this up to the Chief of Police, Deputy Dawg,
and he informed me that while he is aware of the rumors and looked into the evidence, he was
certain that this group is “very minor and of no consequence”.

While the Universe Bowl and the Fantasy Fantasy League has its critics, I think most of the
planet is abuzz with excitement and anxiously awaiting another epic battle!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Universe Bowl VII: Midget's Correspondent Post #8

This I promise you will be the last time we will be hearing from the Midget’s Correspondent. The remaining audio starts up around two hours and forty minutes after the previous audio. In the meantime there was quite a bit of noise and plenty of unintelligible yelling, but nothing that we could make out. We believe the first voice is from the Imp, followed by Zufa Cenva. As per usual, we identify the voice as best we can.

(Voices in the background become clearer)

Mr. Mxyztplk: I have already done what you said. I told him and he was not interested.

Zufa Cenva: Then what the hell is he doing up there? Is he still alive?

Mr. Mxyztplk: As far as I could tell. Look, we both know how he is. He is still fighting for the right side. He wants to destroy this thing just as badly as you do. It’s just for a different reason.

Zufa Cenva: He wants to destroy this thing like I do. What? You don’t want this thing destroyed?

Mr. Mxyztplk: Hey, if he gets destroyed, great! I just want to win…

Zufa Cenva: (Laughing) Of course you do. (Pause) Okay fine. You understand the plan then?

Mr. Mxyztplk: Of course I do! And don’t worry Z, no magic coming from this guy. Just a bunch of clever tricks and me, spreading the good word!

Zufa Cenva: The word has been spread. Just hold it for as long as you can okay? We have only one shot at this. (Pause) Do you really think Kara will go along with this?

Mr. Mxyztplk: Oh yeah, Yoda can talk anybody into everything. Plus she seemed real angry about her ring being stolen. Not that I blame her. I love this little guy.

Zufa Cenva: Don’t love it too much; it probably won’t make it through the day.

(More people enter the room)

Supergirl: I want to kill it. Yoda explained to me what you are planning on doing? Is it going to work?

Zufa Cenva: In theory…(Cut off)

Supergirl: I don’t care about theories, is this going to work or not?

Zufa Cenva: In theory (Pause) Yes Kara, I don’t see why it won’t.

Supergirl: This is certain death, you know that right?

Zufa Cenva: There is a high risk of death, yes. Nothing is certain. In the line of fire, yes, I see no way of surviving.

Supergirl: Nothing is certain? I’ve heard this before. I may have been out of it for the last month but I am not blind. I’ve seen a planet during its dying days before.

Zufa Cenva: Look Kara, all that matters is destroying this Thing. (Pause) Yes, this planet is dying and by everything that we have heard, I can’t imagine it lasting much longer then a week or so. This Thing on the other hand, it’s only growing stronger by the day. This planet’s destruction is not going stop that Thing from doing this to another world. We are the only chance of stopping it right now and unless you have a better idea on how to go about said destruction, I suggest you start realizing that there are no other options here.

Supergirl: Are you actually telling me what to do Zufa? Do you have any idea who you are talking to?

Zufa Cenva: Oh yes, the Mighty Supergirl. The one being so powerful that she has been imprisoned up until three hours ago.

Yoda: Zufa, Kara, stop this fighting now! No other choice do we have anymore. Come down to us this fight has. We must begin now. Time against us it is. One chance we have to make this right. Understood the risks are by everyone.

(Silence for a brief period)

Zufa Cenva: Still no sign of the Governor Yoda?

Yoda: He left as soon as I told him. Lost forever Mr. Morris is I believe. Too much pain in his heart. The guilt he must carry, overwhelming it is.

Zufa Cenva: Well then, let’s head up and finally test this theory. We have but only one chance at this so no room for error.

Supergirl: Or maybe this plan fails and we are left defending ourselves against a creature whose power is so great that it defied the Watchers.

Zufa Cenva: That is a risk we must take Kara. Now are you going to help us or not. Nobody knows how to fight your Artifact better then you do, not to mention an all-powerful being such as this Thing.

Supergirl: He’s not my Artifact anymore Zufa. (Pause) Side by side with a Midget…

Mr. Mxyztplk: I’m off folks. Let’s hope this ring holds up Z. I’d be awfully disappointed to see this thing go to waste.

Zufa Cenva: Mxy (strange noise) Of course, goodbye Mxy.

Supergirl: I can’t believe you are putting your faith in that Imp.

Zufa Cenva: He’ll come through for us, trust me. Never once has he missed a shot at angering someone more powerful then himself. Speaking of which, (garbled sound from audio recorder) Mr. Watcher or whoever it is that I have been sending these to. This will be the last thing you receive from us. If you want to know what happens here, get your ass to the front lines and find out for yourself. Zufa out.

(End of Transmission)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Universe Bowl VII: Midget's Correspondent Post #7

This is the final recording I have received from Zufa. The recording went on for hours but there are only a few parts that included any sort of real information. I had those parts transcribed. This may be all that there is on here, I am not entirely sure. For now though, this is what I have.

(Room noise)
Unidentified person: It must not be (unintelligible) the atmosphere.
(Twenty minutes of minor room noise)
Zufa Cenva: I think…(trails off)
(Ten more minutes of minor room noise and silence)
Zufa Cenva: Kara, I think…Kara.
(A crashing sound is heard)
Zufa Cenva: She’s still alive.
(Garbled recording)
Zufa Cenva: (Unintelligible) thing recording?
Zufa Cenva: Kara is still alive. I can hear her. (Pause) Not sure what it will sound like if I repeat it but this is what I heard from her just moments ago. (Minor Pause) I can feel the energy pulsing within this core. I can feel the planet itself crying out in anger!
What is the meaning of this?  Who is speaking to me? These thoughts fill my head as I struggle to free myself.
For too long I have been imprisoned within the center of this rock.
But no more
I have been freed. My bonds no longer hold the grip they once did.
I have no idea how long I’ve been down here for. Days, possibly weeks will pass by between temporary bouts of consciousness. My heat vision will tear through the stone above me, breaking through to the surface, but only for a moment. The opening closes in on itself almost as fast as I was able to blast through it.  So far all my efforts to break free from my shackles had been fruitless. It seemed the more I struggled, the stronger the bonds were.
But no more
I have awoken to find my restraints are no longer wrapped around my limbs.
And now……
Now, the universe will tremble. The heavens will cry. The gods themselves will cower to my might.
I am Supergirl
And I will make everyone suffer for my imprisonment….

(Painful scream from Zufa I believe)

Zufa Cenva: Yoda, did they…(Cut off)

Yoda: Dead. Yes. An entire civilization destroyed without warning. Tell Mr. Morris we must. Responsible your team is.

Zufa Cenva: Yoda, I assure you my team is not responsible for this atrocity. This “Thing” has caused everything.

Yoda: No, wrong you are Zufa.

Zufa Cenva: Look, this is not a time to argue. (Pause) If Kara is still alive then we need to explain the situation to her right away. You must break the news to Governor Morris immediately and I need to find that oblivious Imp as soon as possible. Our time is up Master; we better hope we’re right on this one.

(Silence continued for another hour or so)

This is all I have found so far. There are several more hours left on the recording so if there is anything else said, I will release it to you. Until then, this is what we’ve got.

Universe Bowl VII: Midget's Correspondent Post #6

Zufa here once again. You should feel lucky I am even sending you anything anymore. 

Master Yoda and I have been working tirelessly to calculate everything to make sure our theories are correct. From everything we have been able to gather about this “thing”, it has exactly one weakness. We know that it has been absorbing each and every power ring in the spectrum except for the White ring. We are still unsure of why this is, but it brings us to the only working theory that we can come to that is even remotely plausible.

If this “Thing” could have taken Hal’s White ring, it would have. We are running test after test using Master Yoda’s ring to see if our idea will work. Things have been shaky for the most part but if I can figure a way to use the ring in an offensive manner, then perhaps we still have a shot at defeating this thing.

With it just being us two and Mxy, who is a wild card at best, we are facing an uphill battle. I am still not sure if there is anyone else out there, but if there is, we sure could use their help right about now. Master Yoda and I have been discussing the whereabouts of our team members and he brought up the fact that nobody has seen Kara on his team since before they arrived here. I think I may search for her soon because, well, we could really use someone like her against this thing.

I know I gave the Governor a hard time about this stuff but we are running on theories and theories alone here. Even if our plan works, the chances of anyone surviving is slim to none. We will continue to work on ideas but unless something changes, we may not have a choice. I will probably write back soon, especially since the Trireme ships have still not left. We promised the Governor that we would at least wait until they were far enough away from any danger before we take action.

I will search for any sign of our fellow combatants in the mean time. Until then, I will sign off.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Universe Bowl VII: Post 13

This report comes from one of the many brave souls we have out there in the field.

*the crackle of static sounds loudly in the reporters ear*
*a tiny female voice begins talking tentatively at first and then more and more firm and assured.*

Look, if anyone is out there please… please…  just listen… I don’t know how much juice this rig has left in it.  Heh, I was barely able to scrap it together in the first place with spare parts from my ship… which was mostly scrap and spare parts in the first place...

I guess when it comes right down to it I didn’t need the thruster relays or the emergency beacon… nobody is going to find me… I wouldn’t know where to tell them to look anyway…  

But it is vital to our universe, that this message get through to someone who can expose as many people to the truth as possible…  others must know about this so they can do something…  this can’t happen to anyone else… it…. it just can’t.

Deep breath kid… you knew this was how this could turn out… just do your job…  

Here goes...

*the reporter quickly scribbles down as much of the preamble as he listens to the voice begin her story. *

I come from a place we call Alak’sün’antera…  I overhear the monsters call it “the playoff planet” as if it is just some kind of amusement park….

My name….. it isn’t important, but my story is…  

Every year our home is ravaged, nearly decimated by the most insane groups of evil super powers my world has ever seen…  huge monsters as big as cities with seemingly unlimited powers even some smaller monsters wearing garish primary colors with red glowing eyes and matching red capes…  

No matter how they look we know that our entire home world is simply an anvil that they attempt to shatter each other upon year after year causing untold millions of my people to suffer and die… all of them except me...

And for what?!  “Pride”!?  “Honor”!?  I don’t see anything honorable about the way they behave and for certain nothing any decent being would be proud of!

*There is silence and the sound of angry breath being forced through two tiny nostrils as the speaker tries to regain control. *

*She begins again, in a whisper at first*
And now….  now they’ve awoken something deep within my world… something ancient and terrible…  this goes far beyond the stories we told to keep our children in their beds…  this is pure malevolence, and it’s fundamentally changed my home…   even the peaceful places feel haunted… no longer silent in the way such places are... that warm faint thrum of vitality in the air… it’s gone… replaced with a cloying lack of sound like a vitality sensor that has recently been switched off after the patient has simply stopped living.  The silence is seething with fury….

They thought this was their planet alone for years… the topsiders with their Mayor and their complicated governments... when the corruption began we felt it below first, where we live… they built massive ships to evacuate everyone… even the animals...  but somehow I doubt their opulence was enough to save them.  Our entire society scraped together just enough resources to build a single vessel… and in that vessel was room for a single pilot…  

That’s me….  heh… and that’s my mission… to save someone… even if I can’t save myself.

We hope to get the message out there that no world should ever be used like this; no planet should be treated like a sandbox for monsters…  These beings… they have virtually unlimited power, why do they not have the self esteem to know that this constant fighting is useless and they get nothing from it but death and the corruption of their very souls.  

Someone… anyone out there… find out who is responsible for this… and for my sake.. the sake of my people… for the sake of the universe… make them pay… the world they choose next may be your own… sold to monsters to bolster the egos of the madmen who think they own your planet…

*another silent pause descends on the transmission*

That’s…  that’s it I guess…  *the reporter hears the girl sniff, she’s obviously crying* I’ll… I’ve got enough food pills and life support to last for a while… heh… maybe someone will come by…  but I just hope someone got this… and I’ve done my even if nobody comes for me… I’m ok with that….  I’m going to reduce power and set this transmission to loop for as long as it can.   Goodbye… and thank you for listening..  

*the reporter hears an audible click of the control panel of some unknown spacecraft… he wonders if he can triangulate the signal and find out where it came from… but he knows he has to get this story out to every major news contact he knows at the galactic information bureau…*

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Universe Bowl VII: Midget's Correspondent Post #5

Below are the final portions of Zufa’s meeting with Governor Morris. Sorry for the delay.

Morris: It’s him, isn’t it? (In which he paused) What was, how did he get in here?

Zufa: Mxy, where the hell have you been? And where did you get that?

Mister Mxyzptlk: Oh this old thing. I guess Hal didn’t need it anymore. Seemed like a fun little guy.

Zufa: So all of them did die up there. Mr. Morris, he managed to kill a White Lantern. Do you understand the power that is behind this? I know you two were close but stopping Bill Duer is now our only concern. (Pauses) Have you known all along?

Morris: No, I mean, I suspected but I didn’t understand anything that was happening. Since he has been gone this long I figured he must have been killed by whatever was happening, but Bill; well, he doesn’t do anything without coming up with six ways to get out alive. Bill has been around a long time but with even that being said; I still never imagined he would be capable of something like this.

Zufa: Then why the letters to him? Why play stupid to every person on this planet?

Morris: I was not playing stupid to my people. Do you think this is what I thought he was doing with this power? I thought he was trying to find a way to defeat this thing, not the person behind the wheel. As crazy as he could be sometimes I never thought he would be capable of something like this.

Yoda: Manipulate. Twist him the power has. Stop him we must.

Morris: Look, if this is what you think has happened then fine. Bill was always a radical but perhaps…

Zufa: No perhaps Mr. Morris, we destroy him and that is it. How many more have to needlessly die before you stop protecting him. You still don’t get what is going on here do you?

Morris: Yes Zufa I do! I understand that I helped create a power that is responsible for the slaughtering of countless creatures out there and will likely continue doing the same until it has destroyed the only place that I have ever called home. I understand that a man that I have known for my entire life is behind this power, a man that I have always called one of my closest friends, a mentor even. I also understand that in order to save my world I must confront my friend and try to talk him out of whatever it is he thinks he is doing. Do you know where he is?

Zufa: Where he is? You still don’t get it do you?

Morris: Look Zufa, if we could find him and I could be given a chance to talk to him then maybe…

Zufa: Bill Duer is no longer your friend Mr. Morris because Bill Duer is no longer just a mere human. Your “Dear Friend Bill” is no longer in one place at any given time. What didn’t you understand about the voices of one mind comment? God I hate dealing with Men.

Yoda: Explain it further Zufa, distressing news this must be to Mr. Morris.

Zufa: Fine. Mr. Morris, Bill Duer is no longer in one place because HE IS in every place now. When I said he was in control of this power you misunderstood me. He IS the power now. The voices were of one mind because he is everywhere. Though like I said, the voices were not in unison. His mind is now in fragments, stretched to the point where it no longer is recognizable. There will be no talking to him Mr. Morris, the man you once considered a mentor is long gone. Replaced by a Demigod hell bent on destroying everything you once considered sacred. There is no talking your way out of this one Mr. Morris.

Mr. Mxyztplk: Well this is no fun, sorry I stopped by.

Zufa: You are not going anywhere Mxy. You found Hal’s White Lantern ring, which should have been destroyed in space with Hal, but it somehow survived. This means that for whatever reason, this thing still has a weakness.

Yoda: Quicker evil is, stronger it is not.

Zufa: Which is why you are going to be our eyes and ears out there. You are going to spread the word Mxy. It is just a theory but that ring should keep you safe.

Mr. Mxyztplk: Keep me safe! It didn’t keep Hal safe.

Zufa: I am not talking about it keeping you safe; you are more then clever enough to do that on your own. I am talking about him leaving the ring alone. For whatever reason, it was left out there. If Yoda and I are correct, there is a reason for this. Please Mxy, for once care about something other then yourself and do this for us. Or do it for yourself at the very least. (Pauses) Oh and Mxy, just spread the word. No magic, you understand? We need this to count.

Mr. Mxyztplk: Okie Dokie Z.

Morris: Where’d he go?

Zufa: Let’s hope to spread the word. We can’t worry about that now. Look Yoda, his ring changes things. Let’s continue to work on the plan we were talking about on our way over here. Mr. Morris, do you have somewhere where we can go? We need a room, a lab, whatever you have.

Morris: Yes, whatever you need. Nobody is left down here; almost everyone is on the surface right now preparing to leave.

Zufa: Good, what we are about to do may draw some undue attention. Do what you can to help your people Mr. Morris. If we need you again, we will find you. Until then, good luck.

Morris: Thank you Zufa, God knows that you are our final stand in this fight.

Zufa: Mr. Morris, if we can make this work, there will never be a fight.

(Zufa turned the recorder off at this point)

Universe Bowl VII: Post 12: Power


Power is what drives us. Power gives us the strength to continue on.

Power also carries with it an evil that can consume you. Once some have had the taste of true Power, there is little you can do to give it up.

Both teams told the same thing. Both sides agreed to a truce. Yet, the fighting still continues.



Emperor Joker does not have time for a silly truce between squads. He wants the victory all for himself. Which is why instead of just attacking the Kitties, he decided to attack everyone. The thing with beings that can bend and twist reality is that trying to figure out what they have done, can be nearly impossible. All I can tell you is that Fred, Daphne and Aquaman were the first to go. Daphne beating Fred to death with her Star Wand, no doubt thinking he was somebody else. Aquaman jumped in the middle of the fight, taking a beating from Daphne only to then see the under water god beat her to death. Then after his attack, he jumped directly into a massive crack in the ground, never to be seen again.

Most of the battle was just the Emperor laughing hysterically as everyone fought each other. All of the magik’s were firing spells off left and right. Avada Kedavra were flying off everywhere, with several people taking hits from multiple wands at once. Both Jared and Quil were hit simultaneously by the killing curse from Rodolphus and Regulus, who did not stop there. Ganthet was hit by the spell but blocked it in time with his ring; Space Usagi and Ariana were not so lucky.

Aberforth, the ever vigilante protector of his sister lost it at this point. Whether or not it was the Emperor’s doing, the outcome for Regulus and Rodolphus is the same. Two quick and to the point killing curses directly hit them both in the heart, instantly killing the pair. It was at this point that the first of the three Trireme ships had taken flight off of the planet. It was also at this point that the Eradicator made his first appearance.

It is unclear if he was under the influence of the Emperor’s power but the first person he went after was someone on his own team. Ganthet put up a protector shield, but it was no use. The powerful artifact of Krypton was far too powerful for the guardian, who literally tore him apart. Sam and Paul attacked him from opposite sides, while Aberforth and Rabastian sent curses and stunning spells toward him, unfortunately to no avail. As the Artifact took flight up above, the two wolves collided together and took the brunt of the spells, killing them both.

Both magik’s instantly shot their wands into the sky towards the Kryptonian but ultimately found themselves facing nothing but smoke and rain. It was at this time that the third Trireme ship had taken off from the planet, to no doubt search for another world.
It was also at this time that the Eradicator had found its next target.

With the Eradicator off on his own again, this left the remaining Kitty members to take out the Emperor. Both Wonder Woman and Donna Troy had been fighting the Joker for some time now but it was not until his very own teammate, the Bat-Mite set the world back in order before they were able to kill him. The fight being at a stand still at this point, I just assumed it would be over until another day.

From far up in the outer atmosphere you could see it. They were so far away that it made it difficult to see, though what happened was quite obvious. Three separate explosions, each an equal distance apart from one another. From down here it did not seem like much anything, but from what I gathered by the planet’s sudden reaction to it, I knew what had happened.

The Eradicator did what he was programmed to do. He destroyed an entire world’s culture in three easy steps. Like that, this world was erased from existence.

That was when the lines between teams forever went away.

Out from the ground came a darkness, only not just a solitary black cloud, this being was black to the core but emitted every color from the spectrum. Blast’s shot out everywhere, not caring in the least who was hit. Aberforth and Rabastian attempted to shield themselves from these blasts but they might as well have been holding up simple pieces of wood because they were evaporated in an instant. Mother Mae Eye, who lasted longer then I would have guessed, fell next.

Bat-Mite tried to manipulate the world around the creature but it did no good as he was crushed under a mountainside that came crashing down on top of him. The world was finally falling apart everywhere, leaving nowhere on the land safe anymore. Wonder Woman and Donna were already flying around the scene, shooting anything and everything they had at the creature, who was now everywhere around them. It just kept growing, with no end in site to its strength. The blast’s from the two woman were starting to back fire on them, one of them knocking Wonder Woman off balance and into a free fall.

Donna Troy flew down to steady her path, only to find herself become completely engulfed in the planet’s energy. She fought it off for only so long and eventually fell down into the now open earth floor. Wonder Woman continued to fight against the beast when she turned around and found herself surrounded by flames. The Phoenix Force Entity fired a blast directly at the creature, sending it back down to the ground. This was the first time I had seen anything push the beast back. The first time I had seen it falter.

The Phoenix force continued its onslaught on the creature, which was now escaping back into the ground. Wonder Woman was attempting to help as well, though I am not sure it was doing anything. Then as it appeared the Phoenix force was actually making a difference, the ground shook. More then a shook, I swear to you the ground was laughing. Then all of a sudden the darkness from the ground disappeared. For a moment, there was silence. The Phoenix Force and Wonder Woman just floated in the air, I assume waiting for whatever next it had in store for them.

What happened next I still cannot process.

After what seemed like several minutes of silence from the ground, came a blast of energy from below so fierce and so large that it caught both the combatants completely off guard. Wonder Woman lasted only a few seconds before being obliterated into nothing The true shock though, was watching the once fully engulfed Phoenix Force be reduced to nothing more then a pile of ash, eventually covering the ground below.

The blasts did not stop there; as it was quite obvious the planet was now after the destroyer of this world. Multiple Multi-colored blasts were sent every which way into the outer atmosphere but by the time they got there, the Eradicator was gone.

With so few combatants’ left in this match, it is difficult to say what is next. There is still no sign of Supergirl, so she may very well be dead.

I don’t know what else there is too report for me. I will stick around a while longer but this match may be over. For now I suppose this is the end.

Except for one last thing. A White light just appeared amongst all of the darkness. Strange yes, but even stranger is the White light sent the darkness back into hiding. The light was only there for a moment but perhaps, just perhaps, this story isn’t over with after all.


It carries an evil with it that corrupts, but on occasion, it also contains the potential to overcome.

Universe Bowl VII: Kitties Correspondent Post #6

It is difficult to say what is going on here. Towards the end of our day’s journey yesterday we finally found somebody. He appeared out of nowhere and was glowing bright white, a white like I have never seen before. He told us where to go and what he thought was going on. It is like we had feared all along. We must stay together; this fight is unlike any other that we have been involved in. He left shortly after but made us promise we would follow his orders.

The Shape Shifters and Regulus were not exactly thrilled with following the orders of an opponent, but in lieu of what is happening here, we decided to listen to him. When we arrived we saw some familiar faces. Mother Mae Eye was taking care of a battered Fred and Daphne and Wonder Woman, Donna Troy and Aquaman were all on the far side of the camp in a very heated discussion with Ganthet and the Rabbit.

Though we outnumbered the Midgets five to one, there were no feelings of animosity towards one another. After a while we settled in and talked with everybody to see if they had received the same message about fighting the real enemy. Everybody here had the same story to tell in regard to the bright light. It makes us all sound quite thick to tell you the truth, but I do believe whomever it was to be trying to help us. Fred and Daphne told us how they had gotten out alive only to watch their friend and his dog being lost to the landscape.

The same had happened to the Rabbit who said he had found Mr. Wayne and Stilgar in a heated fight, only to see them overtaken by the earth itself. His description of it was actually a little different as he made it sound like a creature or a man, not just the out- gassing blasts that we had all been seeing for days. The Rabbit said that is why he came here; he was no longer worried about being fooled, as he believes this trip has been nothing but a fool’s errand to begin with.

There were other discussions taking place but nothing more important then the discussions involving both teams’ strongest fighters. Where are Supergirl and Yoda? Why have the Firebird and the Artifact stayed away. Are they already dead? Are we all that are left?

This is all very unsettling but….

I must go now, that crazy fool does not care about anything but himself. I leave you now, this is probably it. Goodbye.

Universe Bowl VII: Midget's Correspondent Post #4

Zufa sent me a recording of her meeting with Governor Morris. I have had the recordings transcribed so I could post them on the site. Every member has been named by us, for which we are 99.9% certain about the identities but to cover ourselves, we wanted to start with that disclaimer. It is a partial transcript as of now, for that I am sorry.

Date: Our best guess is anywhere between 1 hour to 12 hours after Zufa’s message was sent to Governor Morris.
Time: Unknown

(There was a small portion recorded by Zufa before the meeting, this is it)

Zufa Cenva: This is Zufa Cenva, testing this recording equipment prior to our meeting with Governor Morris. Test 1, 2, Test.

(The rest is from the start of the meeting. It does start quite abruptly I must admit)

Zufa: I told you we would find you Governor.

Morris: I still want to know how you found me so quickly.

Zufa: Does it matter! Your planet is going to be destroyed. That is a fact. Unless of course we can work together to stop this thing, a thing that I believe you created after all.

Morris: Look, I am grateful that you two are willing to help us, trust me I am. I just want to know how I was so easy to locate.

Yoda: Easy? Easy you say? Finding you was not an easy task indeed. Searching for you for some time now we have. Transmissions you sent, track them we did. To Zufa you must listen Mr. Morris.

Zufa: I have been listening to this place since I arrived and what I have discovered is a bit of a surprise. The first week I was here I heard a lot of voices, mostly that of the residents of this world but the longer I listened, the more I noticed a constant in the noise. You see, the voices usually change in a highly populated area. The more living beings around, the more voices. The difference here though, was past that first week, the voices stopped changing. Sure, there were plenty of voices to be heard but they were all of the same mind.

Morris: I think I am following you Ms. Cenva.

Zufa: I doubt that Mr. Morris but I will continue. As I was saying, all the voices were of the same mind, meaning, that even though each voice was conversing with the other voices and even sometimes disagreeing, there were still coming from the same person or in this case, thing.

Morris: Are you saying that a Schizophrenic has taken over the planet?

Zufa: Not exactly. You see, from what I understand about your letter to Bill Duer, you ignorant fools tore the power away from a God. Impressive display of scientific ingenuity I might add, along with being recklessly foolish.

Morris: I promise you we understand how foolish it was.

Zufa: Perhaps you do but I still believe you are incapable of understanding how truly foolish of a move this actually was. What we are dealing with here is that power, released without caution into every corner of this planet and somehow being controlled by someone who has no clue what they are doing with it.

Morris: It’s him, isn’t it? (in which he paused) What was, how did he get in here?

Universe Bowl VII: Post 11: Mayhem

Mayhem is an understatement to say the least.

Reporting what has occurred here in a singular fashion would be untruthful. What I mean by that is the fighting can only be described in one word; Mayhem. There were not single fights that took place but saying it was an all out Battle Royal does not correctly characterize it either. Calling this a battle pre-supposes that there was a point to the fight. If there were sides in this battle I could not tell them apart. It would be like trying to explain a fight between smoke and fire.

I blame much of the Mayhem on Emperor Joker, though saying for sure it was his fault is a little overreaching. The rain and smoke make figuring out anything for certain a difficult task, though I did get a clear view of Stilgar sticking his Crysknife in the neck of the Red Hulk. Whether or not this was a fatal blow is uncertain. Red Hulk’s death on the other hand is not. I can still see his dead body, one of the few clear sight’s that can be seen. Stilgar’s Crysknife was also lying next to the body, though Stigar was nowhere to be found.

The air was filled with so many different combatants throughout the fight, that telling one apart from another was more of blur then anything else. This is what I know to be true though. Monarch and Mr. Majestic put everything they had into the Emperor, a fight they would eventually both lose. It was enough of a distraction though for many other Midgets to be taken down. I only know they are gone because after surveying the sight after the fact, both Baby Wolverine and Impossible Man’s torched remains were all that was left.

The Mystery Inc. van along with Thomas Wayne’s Ferrari was left abandoned outside of the skirmish. They still remain untouched, with only the dead body of an Ewok as a sign that anybody ever occupied them. The constant earthquakes during this match, along with the massive sinkholes are another reason for so many of the deaths. The out gassing from the ground has taken on a life of its own as well, sending energy blast’s whether they be green, yellow or red in color, in every direction imaginable.

Mighty Mousette and the Wicked Witch were engulfed by the multiple blasts from below, sending them deep into the planets core. Hotspot, Hoist and Man Bat met the same fate as well, albeit in a more violent nature. I feel as if the Mouse and the Witch were, and this is going to sound strange, but it was almost as if they were being handled with care despite the fact that they were still being killed. I of course could be mistaken but like I mentioned earlier, making any sort of sense out of this makes little sense in and of itself.

Past that I am unsure of anything. Both vehicles being abandoned lead me to believe that all of the passengers are dead. Naturally I could be wrong, but I doubt this is the case. Emperor Joker is still unaccounted for as well, though I doubt he could be taken care of so easily.

I wish I had more reliable information for you but as of now, this is all I have. My apologies to everyone, but this is the best I can do for now.
One last thing

I know you want information on the whereabouts of Supergirl but I still have nothing. I have talked to as many people as I could find alive and still, nobody has heard a thing. When I saw the Red blast come from the ground I thought that maybe it was she, but I saw nothing to confirm that. I find it hard to believe she would be dead without so much as a fight, but in this battle, nothing would surprise me anymore.